DAOMaker Hack $4 million




MEV Protection Tokens Pump After The Sevens Exploit


<aside> 💡 MEV protection tokens have experienced hefty pump action in the past 48 hours, as news of the recent The Sevens smart contract exploit circled social media. (All press is good press?) LINK to exploit?


$1.5 Billion Pyramid Scheme


<aside> 💡 Pyramid scheme Finiko managed to gather over $1.5 billion in bitcoin, primarily from Russia and Ukraine, per recent findings from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis.


<aside> 💡 While authorities arrested Finiko’s founder at the end of July, elements of the operation remain active, including social media campaigns for their release.


Bilaxy Hack Update



<aside> 💡 "Bilaxy suffered heavy losses in this hack accident and The problem has not been determined now, which will take lots of work and time to resume bilaxy services. It may at least take 2 weeks to investigate the hack thoroughly and rebuild system architecture to secure the system and assets. We hope that users will have the necessary psychological preparation for it." - Bilaxy website


Popsicle makes first repayment